Class Timetable

This is a preliminary timetable in preparation for the 2021/2022 school year.

The times currently listed are subject to change and the final timetable will be confirmed in July.

Please contact to be added to the early registration mailing list.


4-5pm Pre Primary ballet

5-6pm Grade 3

6-7pm Grade 4

7-8pm Adult ballet


3-4pm Pre Primary ballet

4-5pm Primary ballet

5-6pm Grade 1 ballet

6-7pm Grade 2 ballet


5-6pm Grade 3 ballet

6-7pm Grade 4 ballet


10-11am Silver Swans (advanced)

11am-12pm Silver Swans (beginner)

12-1pm Pre Primary ballet

1-2pm Primary ballet

2-3pm Adult ballet

3-4pm Grade 1 ballet

Recommended ages for classes: 

Pre-Primary: 3-5 years old

Primary: 5-8 years old

Grade 1 : 7-10 years old

Grade 2: 9-12 years old

Grade 3: 11-14 years old

Grade 4: 14-16 years old

Adult Ballet and BarreConcept and Bootcamp: 18+

Silver Swans: 55+

These age categories are a guideline and are not definitive.  

Photo by David Tett, courtesy of the RAD