Wednesday in Baldoyle

4-5pm Pre Primary ballet

5-6pm Primary ballet

6-7pm Grade 4 and 6 ballet

7-8pm Adult ballet

Thursday in Bayside

3-4pm Pre Primary ballet

4-5pm Primary ballet

5-6pm Grade 1 ballet

6-7pm Grade 2 ballet

Friday in Bayside

5-6pm Grade 4 ballet

6-7pm Grade 6 ballet

Saturday in Baldoyle

10-11am Silver Swans - advanced

11am-12pm Silver Swans -beginner

12-1pm Pre-Primary ballet

1-2pm Primary ballet

2-3pm Grade 1 ballet

3-4pm Grade 2 ballet


Pre-Primary: 4-6 years old

Primary: 6-8 years old

Grade 1 : 8-10 years old

Grade 2: 10-12 years old

Grade 4: 13-16 years old

Grade 6: 16-19 years old

Adult Ballet : 18+

Silver Swans: 55+

These age categories are a guideline and are not definitive.