Class Timetable

New students are welcome at any time during the school year.

Please contact to register.

All classes are currentlydelivered online due to government restrictions.


5.30-6.30pm Lyrical Dance (Zoom)

6.40-8pm Adult Ballet (Zoom)


3-3.45pm Pre-Primary (Zoom)

4-4.45pm Primary (Zoom)

5-5.45pm Grade 1 (Zoom)

6-6.55pm Grade 2 (Zoom)


5-5.55 Grade 4 (Zoom)

6-7pm Adult Ballet (Zoom)


11am-12pm Bootcamp (Zoom)

12-12.45pm Pre-Primary (Zoom)

1-1.45pm Primary (Zoom

Recorded Classes

BarreConcept (Sent out on Saturdays)

Silver Swans (Sent out on Saturdays)

Bootcamp (Sent out on Mondays)

Recommended ages for classes: 

Pre-Primary: 3-5 years old

Primary: 5-8 years old

Grade 1 : 7-10 years old

Grade 2: 9-12 years old

Grade 3: 11-14 years old

Grade 4: 14-16 years old

Adult Ballet and BarreConcept and Bootcamp: 18+

Silver Swans: 55+

These age categories are a guideline and are not definitive.  

Photo by David Tett, courtesy of the RAD